Meet Our Eye Doctors

Dr. Stephanie Helm Fleming, Eye Doctor

Stephanie Helm Fleming, O.D.

Dr. Fleming graduated from the University of Houston with a Doctor of Optometry degree. She moved to Dallas in 1999 to join the Center for Vision Health. Dr. Fleming understands patients who suffer from vision loss and the impact on the patient and family. While Dr. Fleming provides routine eye care for all ages, she also sees nonverbal individuals and multiply impaired children and adults. She brings to the clinic the unique ability to provide services to any person, regardless of age or disability.

Dr. Rosie Ghazanfari, Eye Doctor

Rosita Ghazanfari, O.D.

Dr. Ghazanfari graduated summa cum laude from Northeastern State University with a Doctor of Optometry degree. She completed a residency in cornea and contact lenses training at SUNY College of Optometry and New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Dr. Ghazanfari specializes primarily in keratoconus contact lenses but also fits a wide range of conditions that cause corneal irregularity. In addition, Dr. Ghazanfari provides routine eye care for all ages. Some of her best experiences include volunteering in Guatemala, with Remote Area Medical, and Bedlam Clinic to provide eye exams to the underprivileged population.