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Phone Accessibility

TalkBack is an application that is part of Google’s Android Accessibility Service. It is designed to help blind and visually impaired users with using their mobile devices. The app can read texts out loud on a person’s phone.


Low Vision Technology

The Ideal Accessibility Installer has a complete package of Google’s Android Accessibility programs. This app has packages for the blind and or visually impaired that will help with operating their phones. The app contains an all-in-one installer that features TalkBack as well as apps similar to TalkBack.

VoiceOver is Apple’s gesture-based screen reading software. The purpose of the software is to allow a visually-impaired user to navigate all of the screens of the iPhone and enjoy the touch features that a sighted user would. Users receive descriptions of what is on the screen such as a menu or their battery life. A Braille keyboard is also included in the software. VoiceOver also has a built-in magnifier and Speak Screen which reads the text on your phone or in Braille.

Talking Typer is an app that enables accessible typing and computer keyboard tutorials. It also has a keyboard game that helps increase speed and accuracy in a fun environment. It is available for purchase on Apple products for $4.99.


The Talking Calculator is designed for a variety of users. It has large colorful buttons, optional high contrast and full Voiceover support. The app is available on iOS and can be purchased for $1.99.

AVAILABLE AT | id424464284

Visual Brailler is a simple braille editor that can be used on your iPhone or iPad. It is available for free on the Apple App store.


Visual Assistance Apps

Seeing AI is an app launched by 12 visually-impaired Microsoft employees. The app has image recognition and artificial intelligence that allows users to point their phone at almost anything and receive a vocal announcement of what the item is. Other features of the app include facial recognition and the ability to read books as well as newspapers out loud. It available for free on the Apple App Store.

iMove Around is an app that allows visually-impaired and blind individuals to have independent mobility. With the help of iMove you can know the address where you are, know points of interest surrounding you, record speech notes related to your location and customize the messages. You are also able to share your current location via text and can have group notes in routes. The app is available for free on iOS.

CashReader is a mobile app that recognizes the largest number of world currencies. It was designed for people who are blind or visually impaired. The way the app works is you point your camera in any direction of a note and your app will tell you the denomination in real-time. You don’t have to worry about the light or angle or focusing. The app is available on iOS and Android for free.


WayAround is an app that provides on-demand details about everyday things. The app utilizes a tag-and-scan approach that allows you to quickly and easily identify things around you. After scanning, it can provide you with extra details like how something works or when it may expire. The app is available for free on iOS and Android.


Reading Assistance Apps

Read2Go is an app that reads text aloud and can enlarge the print. As words are highlighted, you can see and hear them. In addition to the highlight feature, the app also includes a Braille feature that allows for a braille display. It is available for purchase at a cost of $19.99 in the Apple App store.


Magnify is an app that can turn your phone into an instant magnifying glass with a flashlight. Magnify is great to use in restaurants, movie theaters or places with very little light. For the app to work at its full potential you must keep your phone at a distance of at least four inches from an object. The app is available for Android.

I f you have an iPhone, there is a built in magnifier with flashlight. 

Spotlight Text App is designed for use on an iPad. The app scrolls each line of text so users can isolate a word or group of words. The app also allows users to adjust the size of the text and the speed of the scrolling. The app also is equipped with Bluetooth sync to Braille readers and can be connected to larger screens if needed. The app links to which is a nonprofit library offering more than 300,000 books to patients.

Prizmo Go is an app where people can aim at text and Prizmo Go can read it out loud. In addition, Prizmo Go has the capability of grabbing text easily to show you what is in front of you. It also has VoiceOver capabilities that allow it to serve people who have low vision or blindness. It is available for download for free on the iPhone.

Educational Apps

Braille Tutor is an app available on the iPad. It provides an interactive learning experience for sighted or blind Braille learners. It works on the iPad by using onscreen keys and it is self voiced. The app uses text-to-speech to support visually-impaired learners. It is available for free on the app store. The full version of the app is available for $1.99.


Animal Watch VI Suite is an app designed for children with visual impairments and helps these children improve middle school math skills. Students are able to learn about invasive and endangered species. It is available for free on the Apple App store.


Sensory Light Box uses abstract animation and sound to introduce basic skills and awareness. It is great for children with low vision and other sensory needs. It is available for $3.99 on the Apple App Store. It is also available for purchase on Google Play for $2.49.

Vision Assistance Services

Aira is a wearable tech resource and the Aira smartglasses allow the visually impaired to live their daily lives. With an Aira agent, people can work jobs, parent and live more normal lives. Agents can direct Aira wearers on how to navigate their world. Locally, Aira is operable in Love Field and DFW airports so that passengers can travel safely and independently. The Center for Vision  Health in Dallas is one of Aira’s partners and so is the Dallas Day School. Access to Aira is also available at every Walgreens, all AT&T locations and most major airports as well as federal buildings.


Bose AR partnered with Aira to collaborate with their frames. Their frames have little speakers in them so that Aira agents can guide their clients through audio cues. These frames provide the best audio quality and help patients with low vision who rely on audio communication.


Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind and low vision people to with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance. The app is available for free on iOS and Android.

Vision Health Apps

myVisionTrack is an app for patients who have maculopathy and are interested in monitoring their vision at home in between office visits with their eye doctor. The app detects early vision changes related to retinal diseases. The app is available for free on the iPhone and iPad.

Online Support

AppleVis is a support group website for blind and low vision users of Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.


The Hadley Institute has useful resources for learning how to maximize accessibility of Apple products. It is a collection of videos that cover everything from sending email to web browsing to reading an iBook. Other videos show how to use VoiceOver and Siri.


Vision Assistance Devices

Lucia is an accessible mobile phone for individuals who are visually impaired, blind, hard of hearing or are seniors. The phone contains advanced features such as accessible buttons in different colors and shapes, voice guide to transform the phone into a talking companion, ergonomic design and a long battery life that makes this phone high-quality.

Feelif is an electronic device that offers new learning experiences for the blind and visually impaired. There are four different Feelif devices and each of them use a tactile grid. For current pricing on the Feelif devices, visit their website listed below.


The Dot Watch lets you experience time without sound. Users will be able to know who is calling without seeing it thanks to the dots on the watch. The Dot Watch will vibrate when you receive a phone call and the watch can also translate texts to Braille. Check Dot Watch’s website for current pricing.


The Dot Watch also has a companion app available on iOS and Android.

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